(Coming 29 August 2023)

A group of young people were hiking through a patch of shrubs and bushes along the foothills when one of them stepped into a narrow hole. After retrieving his foot and lower leg, their comrade informed his fellow travelers that the hole had no bottom. Curious, the group moved closer to investigate it. Suddenly the ground shuddered beneath of them. They immediately scattered away from the hole.

From a distance, the group watched as the earth fell away, enlarging the hole to eight or ten feet in diameter. After a while, wherein there were no further tremors, two curious hikers gingerly inched their way toward the sink hole. As they moved closer, they saw the greyish-white tapered head of a dragon rising above the orifice.


Dragons are among the earliest mammals to appear on Earth. They arose during the late Cretaceous Period. Over time, they settled into different environments, which led to the evolution of different dragon species.

Dragona presents the evolution and natural history of dragons, focusing on Dragona ignis aflatu—fire dragons. It offers insight into their physical characteristics, their social behaviors, and their interactions with humans.


Dragona builds on and expands the species of dragons found in Homo transformans: The Origin and Nature of the Species, H’Ilgraith, and Raephela. It also provides new information about each species and includes new species of dragons not previously encountered.

Short stories and vignettes surround each species. Those who enjoy reading about dragons will find these stories intriguing and entertaining. They are fairly straightforward and easy to follow, so they support many levels of readers. Some stories describe violent events, including death. None contain explicit or gruesome details. There are 23 illustrations of dragons, wildlife, and other creatures, as crafted by the graphic artists of EpicMade.