Homo transformans


Mary Elizabeth Ames

“I enjoyed the book immensely!  It is a fascinating blend of fantasy, science fiction, romance, intellectual engagement, exercise of will power, brutal fighting, ethical sensibilities, and familial loyalties. Life and death ethical issues abound between competing groups and species, especially highlighting the deliberate interdependence of all life forms. The profound flow of action alternating with science will keep the reader engaged and inspired.”  Rev. Dr. Jerrold L. Foltz

“I just loved the book and wished it did not end! I can’t wait for another book.” Michelle Mayer, MSN, ANP-BC

“This is an adventure tale that both entertains and offers short, clear lessons about genetics. Themes include the importance of loyalty to family and friends and a willingness to adapt to changing circumstances in an interconnected world. The author has created a cast of memorable characters. Beautiful illustrations supplement the story. It was fun to read.” S. A. Jarecki PhD

In the first book, Homo transformans: The origin and Nature of the Species, one of the characters, an old woman, played a pivotal role in saving and protecting a young girl destined to become Mistress of the House of H’Aleth. The old woman always seemed to know where to go and what to do. Her knowledge of medicinal plants, bizarre genetically engineered hybrid species, and her ability to communicate with dragons was extraordinary. She died without revealing her past.

H’Ilgraith, Sister of the House of H’Aleth recounts the story of the old woman above. It chronicles H’Ilgraith’s life and tells of her adventures during a time of escalating conflicts between the Cassius Foundation and the Biogenics Corporation. It reveals how her own personality and the characteristics of her alternate species – a gray fox, a lynx, a badger, and a great horned owl – forged an independent, resourceful, and driven individual. In a pivotal encounter, she confronted a gray mountain wolf who tested her patience and changed her way of life.

Illustrations By: Epic Made

ISBN 978-1-64663-000-4 (soft cover), 978-1-64663-002-8 (hard cover), 978-1-64663-001-1 (eBook) | Genre: Science Fantasy/Mythology Language: English Pages: 352 Illustrations: 17 Publisher: Koehlerbooks | Key words: science fiction, fantasy, Homo sapiens, transformans, dragons, hybrids, mammals, species, transformation, metamorphosis, DNA, genes, genetics, genetic engineering

Homo Transformans

Homo transformans

The Origin and Nature of the Species

Mary Elizabeth Ames

“The author creates a believable world that is easy to get involved in.” 4.5 out of 5 stars. San Francisco City Book Review

“The genius of the book is the interweaving of the genetics with the engaging story.” 4.5 out of 5 stars. Manhatten Book Review

“Unique and Imaginative.”  4 out of 5 stars.  A.V.

“Great Sy/Fy book.”  5 out of 5 stars.  J.F.

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This richly illustrated story tells of a new species of human, Homo transformans, and conflicts that arise from their ability to transform into different animal species – including apex predators. The ability of some people to undergo metamorphosis while others cannot creates a rift in society.

Two major organizations, seeking a competitive advantage, misuse breeding and genetic engineering to create more powerful H. transformans and deadly animal hybrids. For a while, members of both H. transformans and H. sapiens find refuge far away from their oppressors. Ultimately, the new species and its supporters must face their mortal enemy on the field of battle.

Gene functions and the (imaginary) genetics of transformation support an innovative story of how some Homo sapiens developed the ability to undergo metamorphosis. The narrative also introduces a new mythology of dragons as a species of mammals, Dragonensis dragonis.

Illustrations By: Epic Made

ISBN 978-1-5434-8013-9 (soft cover), 978-1-5434-8012-2 (hard cover), 978-1-5434-8014-6 (ebook) | Genre: Science Fiction/ Science Fantasy Language: English Pages: 586 Illustrations: 28 Publisher: Xlibris | Manhattan Book Review 4.5 Stars San Francisco Book Review 4.5 Stars | Key words: science fiction, fantasy, Homo sapiens, transformans, dragons, hybrids, mammals, species, transformation, metamorphosis, DNA, genes, genetics, genetic engineering

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