Theracapricanis Illustration by Epic Made   Trespassing in a Cassius village was extremely dangerous for any creature—human or otherwise. Most of the genetically engineered animal hybrids were designed to be very violent and would attack anyone or anything within reach. The risks became quite evident one night. H’Ilgraith, as a gray fox, crept closer to the Cassius village. Suddenly, she heard the sound of another animal. Alerted, she stopped abruptly and made no further sound.
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Woodlands Photograph by Nancy Rogers On Patrol Prior to meeting H’Ilgraith, Jak had seen great horned owls from a distance; however, he had never actually encountered one. As a wolf, he dismissed owls as significant predators.  As a human, he said as much. H’Ilgraith made no reply. One uneventful day, Jak patrolled a wooded area as a gray mountain wolf while H’Ilgraith conducted surveillance as a great horned owl. While Jak was looking away, the

June 19, 2020

A Pleasant Outing

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Bisalcesoid Illustration by Epic Made      A group of adults and children, all H. transformans, were on a picnic with games for youngsters who were four to five years of age.  H’Assandra transformed into a golden eagle to keep watch overhead.  H’Ilgraith transformed into a lynx to patrol the area on the ground. Suddenly, three high-pitched peals were heard as the golden eagle banked sharply toward something moving rapidly through the grass.  A deformed creature,
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