28 February 2020
ISBN 978-1-64663-000-4

     This is an adventure tale that both entertains and offers short, clear lessons about genetics.  The author has created a cast of memorable characters who can transform into a variety of non-human animals to problem solve as they explore their changing world.  Beautiful illustrations supplement the story of interactions among humans, dragons, fox, owls, badgers [and] other critters.  Themes addressed include the importance of loyalty to family and friends and a willingness to adapt to changing circumstances in an interconnected world.
—-S. A. Jarecki, Ph. D.

…It is a fascinating blend of fantasy, science fiction, romance, intellectual engagement, exercise of will power, brutal fighting, ethical sensibilities, and familial loyalties…. Life and death ethical issues abound between competing groups and species, especially highlighting the deliberate interdependence of all life forms.  The profound flow of action alternating with science will keep the reader engaged and inspired.
—-Rev. Dr. Jerrold L. Foltz


In Homo transformans:  The Origin and Nature of the Species, the author establishes the foundation for the genetic ability of some Homo sapiens to transform into other species of animals.  She describes the conflicts that arise in society and the clash between good and evil.  H’Ilgraith recounts the story of a key character in the first book, an old woman, about whom little is known.  It chronicles her life during a time of escalating conflicts between the Cassius Foundation and the Biogenics Corporation.  The time frame for H’Ilgraith falls between the establishment of H’Aleth and its subsequent fall generations later, as described in the first novel.
The author continues to thread the science of genetics throughout the story of H’Ilgraith, using the genetics of H. sapiens as the scientific basis for the story.  She provides additional explanations in supplemental notes for those readers who want more information.
The story is fairly straightforward and easy to follow, so it supports many levels of readers.  Those who enjoy reading fantasy stories involving both real animals and imaginary creatures including dragons will find the story entertaining.  The story contains no foul language, sexual situations, or vulgarity.  It does contain scenes describing violent events, including death; however, there are no explicit or gruesome details.  The story is illustrated with 8 paintings of scenes from the book and 7 line art drawings of creatures depicted in the book.  The professional graphic artists of Epic Made produced these illustrations.