Smallpox (Variola) lesions CDC Public Health Image Library Dr. Charles Farmer, Jr.; Dr. R. Robinson (1962) Introduction Black swan events are major changes in the population of a species.  Although they may include population explosions, they are most often catastrophic events associated with the collapse (crash) of a population (Anderson, et al., 2017; Simberloff & Gibbons, 2004).  Population crashes can be caused by drastic changes in the environment affecting the availability of resources (e.g., drought),
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August 21, 2020

Whither the Human Species

Jane Renfro Comments are off
A Deadly Indulgence Illustration by EpicMade      One of the crocutalupoids assigned to guard the storehouse had decided to sample some wine stored there.  The hybrid soon became inebriated and disoriented.  Subsequently, he developed an unsteady gait and uncoordinated movements.  He lost his balance and crashed into several barrels, crates, and storage bins as he tried to regain his balance. One of the other hybrids, a cercopithursid, responded to the ruckus thinking the storehouse was
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On 14 August 2020, the American Book Festival notified me that my second novel, H’Ilgraith, received an award as a finalist in the Fantasy: Epic/High Fantasy category of the American Fiction Awards.  H’Ilgraith joins my first novel, Homo transformans:  The Origin and Nature of the Species, in receiving this award.