Release date 28 February 2020
ISBN 978-1-64663-000-4 

Mary Elizabeth Ames

     H’Ilgraith was published 28 February 2020 – just in time for the outbreak of coronavirus-19 (covid-19) in the United States.  With the rapid acceleration of disease within our borders, all planned book signings for March through June were cancelled.  The author did not want to aid and abet the spread of disease by enticing readers to cluster together at book signing event.  I hope to reschedule events in late July – early August provided the coronavirus does not surge again.  Hopefully, the Fredericksburg Book Festival will still be held in September.  It is an open air festival.

In the meantime, I will reintroduce H’Ilgraith by republishing its synopsis and description.  In lieu of book signings, I will post excerpts from H’Ilgraith along with illustrations crafted by the graphic artists of Epic Made, reviews from readers who acquired the book, and a favorable Kirkus Review.  I may slip in a few excerpts and illustrations from Homo transformans:  The Origin and Nature of the Species, upon which H’Ilgraith is predicated.

If you are intrigued, H’Ilgraith can be purchased from retail brick-and-mortar bookstores and from on-line sites such as Amazon.  If you go to a bookstore, be sure to wear a face mask or scarf/bandana that covers both your face and your nose.  Maintain a discrete distance of at least 6 feet between you and the next person unless you are with someone who lives with you.  Even then, both of you should be wearing a mask.  Remember to use hand sanitizer after looking through items, and wash your hands as soon as you get home or at your earliest opportunity.

Stay safe wherever you are.